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I'm a 20-something Chicago-dweller working as a freelance-by-choice editor, consultant and sometimes-writer.

In the rare, delicate moments that all procrastination techniques have been exhausted, I settle down at my vintage desk and metaphorically scribble down my thoughts on things visual, mineral, animal and material.


Six 4x6 Silver Filigree Vintage Picture Frames

Hand-painted to match, these 6 frames are the PERFECT way to display your family wedding photos or any other special photos you want to have at your wedding! They add that perfect vintage, antique touch without being too different or too mismatched! These were a huge hit at my wedding and would love to pass them on to another bride! 

Six frames for 4x6” photos for $30, plus shipping (roughly $10? I’ll give you a specific quote). Will also consider other offers!